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Different Types of Flatware: A Complete Guide

It’s no secret that cutlery is one of the kitchen accessories that is used the most frequently. There are a few crucial factors to take into account, whether you’re purchasing flatware for yourself or as a present for individual you overlook. Even while purchasing a high-end set is an investment, it can be used and handed down for many years. But if you want a set that will last, you should think about the types of flatware used and the forging process. At Impruve LLC, we deliberately design our products to go above vogue fads, producing items that are as lovely as they are ageless. Read on for our practical manual to comprehending stainless steel flatware.

The Difference Between 18/8, 18/10, and 18/0 Stainless Steel

When looking for stainless steel cutlery suppliers in UAE, one of the first things you might see is a few numbers beneath the description. What do these figures represent, though? 

Stainless steel, sterling silver and silver-plated metals are the three main types of flatware . The most popular and ideal type of cutlery for regular usage is stainless steel. Chromium and nickel, are symbolised by the digits 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0.

The first number, 18, stands for the amount of chromium in the material and indicates how resistant it is to corrosion and staining. The amount of nickel is represented by the second number, 10, 8, 0.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each of these means. 

  • 18/0 Stainless Steel

This stainless-steel cutlery is of the lowest quality and is not long-lasting. The absence of nickel makes the steel less resistant to corrosion than 18/8 and 18/10.

  • 18/8 Stainless Steel

Although not of the greatest quality, this kind of stainless-steel cutlery is sturdy and safe for use with food. This kind is prevalent in commercial kitchens and most dining establishments. Grade 18/8 will endure far longer than 18/0, which is quite easy to shatter, chip, warp, or rust.

  • 18/10 Stainless Steel

This type concedes with the most elevated enterprise standards for stainless steel used in cutlery production. It contains the most nickel of any place. The amount of nickel in this grade of stainless steel affects how durable it is in general. Therefore, stainless steel cutlery with more nickel will be stronger steel.

Impruve LLC is made of 18/10 stainless steel and is long-lasting. It also has a distinctive past. Herdmar produces our cutlery in Caldas das Taipas, in northern Portugal. Since 1911, this family-run business has been making cutlery, passing on time-honoured practises and knowledge to the current generation of family members who work there. More on that will come later. It is also coated to withstand years of dishwasher cycles.

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Different Types of Flatware

Typically, Cutlery sets UAE consist of various types of flatware that are sold together, at Impruve LLC, you can purchase a 20-piece cutlery set for four dinner settings. Despite the obviousness of some of these explanations, you might receive some unexpected suggestions.

  • Dinner Fork

Dinner Fork 

The dinner fork is the immediate fork utilised to eat dinners. Dinner forks should be present in sufficient quantities, as they are used the most frequently in the kitchen.

  • Salad Forks

Salad Forks

 Fine dining manners dictate that you use the smaller forks in a set of forks for salads and desserts. A smaller fork may seem unnecessary, but it is effective for dishes.

  • Large Spoons

Large Spoons

You will use the larger spoon frequently, much like you would a dinner fork. People can use this spoon for meals like soup, chilli or porridge.

  • Small Spoons

Small Spoons

Smaller spoons are excellent for eating desserts, spooning out sauces or other condiments, or stirring beverages like tea and coffee, just way smaller forks are.

  • Knives 


Knives are yet another necessary item. Eating meat, proteins, and other things is made easier by always having a good dinner knife on hand.

There are many Flatware suppliers in UAE such as Impruve LLC, that provide high-end cutlery sets with 3.5mm thickness, which is a fine weight for stainless steel cutlery and results in a wonderful sensation in the hand.

  • Forks


A humble utensil, bridges the gap between plate and mouth, bringing harmony to the act of dining. With its lines, the fork delicately lifts morsels, guiding them on a journey of taste and nourishment.

  • Tablespoon


The tablespoon, a versatile measure balances flavour with precision adding just the right amount of substance to culinary creations. From scooping spices to dolloping sauces, the tablespoon bestows culinary artistry, enhancing dishes with its measured touch.

  •  Sporks


Sporks, the hybrid of utensils, embody the fusion of functionality and convenience, bridging the worlds of spoon and fork in a single tool. With their dual nature, sporks tackle both liquid and solid sustenance, combining the best of both utensils for efficient dining on the go.

  • Soup spoon

Soup spoon

The soup spoon, with its rounded bowl, cradles warmth and comfort in each scoop, bringing nourishment and satisfaction to every bite. It’s generous size and curved design makes it the perfect companion for savouring hearty soups and stews, elevating the dining experience one spoonful at a time.

  • Splayed


The splayed, unique utensil, merges the functionality of a spoon, fork, and knife, offering versatility in a single tool for culinary exploration. With its ingenious design, the splayed combines the benefits of multiple utensils, providing convenience and efficiency for enjoying a wide range of dishes and simplifying dining experiences with its all-in-one prowess.

  • Ice teaspoon

Ice teaspoon

Ice tea spoons, elongated and slender, gracefully stir and sip chilled beverages, effortlessly blending flavours and quenching thirst. Designed for tall glasses, these specialized spoons reach deep into iced teas and refreshing drinks, ensuring a refreshing and delightful sipping experience.

  • Pastry fork

Pastry fork

The pastry fork, with its delicate prongs, embraces the art of indulgence, effortlessly cutting through flaky layers of pastry with finesse. Designed for pastries and desserts, this specialized fork preserves the integrity of delicate treats, allowing for precise portioning and graceful enjoyment.

  • Sugar spoon

Sugar spoon

The sugar spoon, a dainty companion, delicately scoops sweetness into beverages, infusing moments with a touch of indulgence. With its petite size and slender handle, the sugar spoon gracefully swirls crystals, enhancing the flavour profile of coffees, teas, and desserts, one spoonful of sweetness at a time.

  • Teaspoon


The teaspoon, a diminutive yet essential tool, stirs tranquillity into every cup, blending tea leaves and infusing flavours with gentle precision. From morning rituals to afternoon breaks, the teaspoon accompanies the ritual of tea drinking, adding a touch of elegance to the experience, one teaspoon at a time.

Other Helpful Tips

Try to avoid soaking your stainless steel for extended periods, though, since this could create corrosion. Avoid using metal scrub brushes because they can scrape or scuff surfaces and create corrosion. Avoid soaking stainless steel in vessels composed of aluminium, copper, or other metals, or mixing it with other components in the same load. 

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