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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories

When a guest comes to a hotel room, they first reflect on the design and cleaning, and many customers’ priority is a clean bathroom. Your bathroom can also increase your hotel rating. When you provide all necessary things in the bathroom like towels, shops, etc. The bathroom accessories can also boost the charm of the bathroom. We all know that the bathroom is an essential space, nobody can survive without it and you cannot avoid their cleanliness. Bathrooms play a prime role in delivering the best service to your customers and keeping the bathroom area clean.

If you choose the bathroom accessories for your restaurant then make sure that you get the necessary products at affordable prices. These are the three main considerations that help you to choose the perfect bathroom accessories.

What are the Materials of the Bathroom Accessories?

In bathroom accessories, the products are mainly made with pure copper, Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, glass, and plastic. But the plastic bathroom accessories are weightless and long-lasting. This type of product is corrosion-proof, leak-proof,drip-proof, and is immune to chemical and salt deposits. Plastic bathroom accessories are mostly recommended by many bathroom designers and fitting suppliers in India.

Some Important things that bathroom Decor should Keep in Mind while Choosing 

Bathroom Accessories-

  1. Budget-

Budget is a main factor when you choose anything for your hotel. There are several shapes, sizes, designs, and ranges available in bathroom accessories. The high-priced accessories are made with high-quality materials like copper and steel. Which presents a unique and pleasant look to your hotel bathroom. On the other hand, low-priced accessories like plastic bathroom accessories, are cost-effective and deliver many prime benefits that might be more important for customers compared to other products.

  1. The Layout of the Bathroom-

Modern bathrooms are mainly designed with an individual theme. Modern concepts affirm color and seamlessness, traditional concepts and conservatism, and oriental themes are designed for therapeutic effects like steam baths, massages, and ethereal meditation. Plastic bathroom accessories are the tendering with the layout of your bathroom.

Many users are comfortable with plastic bathroom sets that are simple and elegant and many others recommend they are highly trailblazing and tropical. While choosing accessories, the preferences of the users must make sure that bathrooms are meant to stay longer.

  1. Frequency of Use-

Contemplation for personal bathrooms is not the same as public bathroom bathrooms like hotels or public restaurants. You have to remember that in your bathroom, you should focus on the aesthetic and design but in a public bathroom, you have to focus on durability and user-friendly.

  1. Bathroom Floor and Wall Finishing-

While choosing the bathroom accessories, don’t forget the theme and floor. Choose the accessories according to the theme and make sure that your floor materials are not slippy or smooth. Decor your bathroom walls and floor according to the hotel room theme. Which gives a perfect finish to your bathrooms and delivers a unique look.

  1. Age Bracket of Users-

Age is a prime factor when choosing bathroom accessories. Children need little and easy-to-use accessories while adults like uniqueness and functionality. Which is not easy to use for children. So if you made your hotel more special in service then also provide a children toilet seat.

What are the Different Types of Bathroom Fixtures?


The closed-coupled toilet is the most basic, it is a single unit that fits on the floor, including a cistern sitting atop the bowl. But if you are seeking a space-saving measure that fits in your bathroom space then you can choose a fully back-to-wall close-coupled toilet, where the back of the toilet backs the wall. On the other side, is a Wall-Hung toilet, that tank is built into the wall behind the toilet and there is a bowl attached to the wall. Wall-hung toilets deliver a fashionable feel and are easy to clean compared to closed-coupled toilets.

Toilet Seats-

In the bathroom, toilet seats work as a prime item and as use continues, they do go through wear and tear. There are many shapes and sizes available in the seat also and several seats are made with thermoplastic material, which are easy to clean and long-lasting. An important tip for choosing a toilet seat is to choose soft close hinges that deliver a show-release system. These types of seats are more hygienic and lowered. Release hinges permit you to remove the toilet seat and do deep cleaning.

Soap Dishes-

It is necessary to use a soap dispenser near the basin or shower. There are many varieties of materials for soap dishes like chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, etc. Along with this, many shapes and sizes are also available in soap dishes. So you can choose according to your restaurant bathroom space. 

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