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Benefits of Luggage Trolley in Hotels

Luggage trolleys are the main factor to use, shifting your luggage from one place to another and a lightweight trolley with wheels are more comfortable and used. A luggage trolley is a necessary thing in any hotel. You see that many people, when they come to a hotel for a travel or business trip, with their luggage but many people carry small luggage and some people carry more and heavy luggage and they transport their luggage from the hotel door to their room door with the help of a trolley. So you understand that trolleys play a main role in decreasing your worker’s workload, helping them to easily transfer guest luggage without any damage to the luggage, and also maintaining your hotel reputation and guests will appreciate your service to provide them comfort.

So are you seeking to improve your guest experience and provide them with the best facilities to appreciate your hotel services? Then offer them a service that provides comfort and a professional feel to your guest. Hotel luggage is also known as a hotel cart, valet cart, bellhop cart, or baggage cart. These luggage trolleys are not only practical, or transport luggage from one place to another but they are also stylish and cool, which count in your hotel accessories, and make them more unique and practical. In this blog, we deliver all the information related to hotel trolleys, that is important to every hotelier to provide the best facilities to their guests and rank your hotel.

Luggage Trolley 

Luggage trolleys are available in many designs, sizes and materials also. There are some consequential components of a luggage trolley. So choose the right size and design of luggage according to your hotel theme and space.

  1. Models-

A luggage trolley is a practical item that is used in hotels every day and plays an important role in transporting heavy luggage very easily and this has been used around for years in hotels to provide comfort to customers. There are many models of luggage trolleys like the classic gold bird cage model trolley with a ballboy, that is mainly used in the past hotel industry to present a unique look. Along with this, there are many modern varieties available like modern, sleek, and an airport trolley, which is an ideal choice for transferring large luggage in the hotel. Every luggage trolley has a stable platform, smooth wheels and a sturdy cage where you set all the luggage and easily transfer it without any damage.

  1. Wheels-

Behind the model of the luggage trolley, wheels are also a main factor in presenting the look and comfort of the trolley. In wheels, the size and material are a prime impact on how the trolley works and runs, and which type of surface is better for this type of trolley. A bird cage model, with a stainless steel trolley, has an air-filled rubber trolley, and the air-filled tires are suitable for hard surfaces like tiles, and the air pressure of the tires is easily monitored for comfort and safe driving. For a construction surface like a carpet, choose a smooth rubber tire trolley that is easily moved on the constructed surface. All types of trolleys have 2 fixed wheels and 2 rotating wheels and there is no break in a luggage trolley. All luggage wheels are designed with rubber bumpers to prevent damage to skirting boards. So choose the right wheel material that is easily run on your hotel surface.

  1. Real Coating-

Once you select a model of a luggage trolley then personalize a luggage trolley with RAL Coating. With the help of RAL coating, you can customize your trolley with multiple scratches and designs with specific RAL colors that make a point of attraction. There are many colors available to modify it. You can choose the color according to your hotel theme which delivers a classy and cool look to your hotel  luggage trolley.

  1. Carpet-

In a luggage trolley, the carpet presents the appearance of the trolley and a unique color and material make it more luxurious. So you choose a perfect color and material according to your theme. Red, blue, and gray are chosen for many models, and woven materials are also chosen for many versions. Also choose good quality material for the carpet that will protect the luggage and not be easy to damage.

Benefits of Hotel Luggage Carts

Hotel luggage trolleys make the workload easier for workers and guests. They can easily deliver their heavy luggage without any fear of damage, from their car to their room and give them comfort and a luxurious feel. Your hotel workers can easily transport luggage from one place to another without feeling burdened and transfer quickly, from room to the lobby, with the help of a luggage trolley. The luggage trolley cannot be used as a practical tool but also sets an aesthetic look to your hotel. It’s a unique and great idea to give the best experience to the customers and attract them to your hotel. Customers, see who your staff carry their luggage and who it transfers to their room, and without a luggage trolley, it’s a big risk for your staff to deliver gust bag without any damage, So to make their work easier and provide best facilities to your customer, purchase a luggage trolley for your hotel.

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