Bathroom Steel Sets

Bathroom Steel Sets: A Sustainable Solution for Guest Bathrooms, Reducing Single-Use Plastic

Plastic is one of the main reasons for pollution in the world and harms our environment. Every day, a minimum of 8.8 million tons is directly dumped into our oceans, a remarkable rate of conception plastic will never fully disintegrate. Many branded industries and businesses are selected to trench single-use plastic from their day-to-day tasks and the hospitality area is no different. Hotels and airlines discover themselves with an amazing chance to impact the effects of global plastic use as they often deliver disposable items at extensive. Many other hospitality industries have banned to use of plastic straws, and some other industries ban plastic. When we face more problems related to environmental change or pollution due to plastic, all businesses and individuals need to take some vast steps toward sustainability. In the hotel industry, the major plastic use is in guest bathrooms. Bathroom steel sets deliver an inventive and eco-friendly solution for decreasing plastic waste. 


The Versatility of  Bathroom Steel Sets– 


In the hotel industry, bathroom steel sets are an extensive solution for guest bathrooms. These steel bathroom sets include a vast range of accessories like soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, toothbrush holders, tissue holders, amenity trays, and towel holders. This diversification makes sure that all your guest requirements are fulfilled while reducing the use of single-use plastic. 


  1. Soap Dispensers- 


Plastic single-use soap bottles are one of the main culprits in hotel bathrooms. Unique steel bathroom sets supersede these with stylish and refillable soap dispensers. These beautiful and unique dispensers are not only eco-friendly but also add a touch of grace to your guest bathroom. 


  1. Lotion Dispensers- 


We always see that lotions and creams are often packaged in plastic bottles that also the main cause of boosted environmental pollution. Steel bathroom sets deliver lotion dispensers that can be easily filled and refilled with your favorite product. This steel lotion dispenser not only reduces the waste of plastic but also delivers a sleek and amazing look in your guest bathroom. 


  1. Toothbrush Holders- 


Plastic toothbrush holders are a prime sight in many guest bathrooms. Steel toothbrush holders are not only durable but can be smoothly cleaned and reused many times. These amazing bathroom steel sets reduce plastic waste and deliver a high-standard class to your hotel bathroom. 


  1. Tissue Holders- 

Plastic single-use tissue boxes are acceptable but harmful to the environment. Steel tissue holders are a more supportable option, you can refill them with tissue as per your requirement. This little transfer can make a vast impact in decreasing plastic pollution and waste. 


  1. Amenity Trays- 


Steel amenity trays can deliver a category of items, like toiletries, and guest amenities. They are multifaceted, easy to clean, and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for reducing the requirement for disposable plastic trays and containers. 


  1. Towel Holders- 


In many guest bathrooms, you see single-use paper towels, which are also a cause of environmental pollution. Steel towel holders are a modern choice that permits you to deliver reusable hand towels, decreasing the need for disposable options. This steel item not only saves resources but also boosts the overall guest experience. 


Bathroom steel sets are not only adaptable but also sustainable. They decrease the requirement of single-use plastic, enabling to diminish of environmental pollution and demolition. By transferring to steel bathroom sets, your hotel bathrooms become more eco-friendly space. 


Plastic Free Hotels 


  • Hilton- In this world, a minimum of 650 managed hotels, in 2018, Hilton announced to removal of plastic straws. Along with straws, Hilton also removed plastic water bottles. The hotel group anticipates a reduction of approximately 5 million plastic straws and potentially up to 20 million water bottles per year with this initiative. Additionally, they have disclosed their objective to reduce their environmental footprint by 50% by the year 2030.
  • Six Senses- Six Senses runs 11 resorts and 31 spas in all over 20 countries. They also removed plastic bottles and straws. They also started using several replacements for plastic straws including paper, bamboo, and lemongrass. Six Senses has assumed a policy of zero-waste, meaning all materials have a new motive. 
  • Hyatt Hotels- Beginning in September 2018, Hyatt Hotels has banned the use of plastic straws and water bottles. In 2014, Hyatt launched its 2020 Environmental Sustainability and added a main target to reduce plastic use, emissions, water usage, and waste. Hyatt also uses bathroom steel sets to reduce plastic use. 

Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces- The Taj Group of hotels has recently working to reduce single-use plastic completely. In hotel rooms, plastic wrappers are replaced with oxo-biodegradable wrapping or plastic trays, straws are now delivered in wooden and paper alternatives. The 72-villa Taj Exotica Resort and Spa on Havelock Island has completely ended single-use plastic and launched its water bottling plant and waste disposal system.



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