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The Ultimate Guide to Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

Dining in the restaurant business is serious business — not just for us but also for consumers. That’s why it’s no surprise that cafeterias and buffets are very popular. They offer both quality food and convenience to those who often eat out at restaurants or on the go from other establishments. Cafeteria and buffet line equipment is used to prepare and serve large amounts of food in a short period. From hot foods like pizza and pasta to cold foods like sushi, cafeteria and buffet line equipment are built to handle all kinds of food preparation. That’s why you should choose the best buffet line equipment suppliers in Dubai to get the top notch equipment. Whether you’re just starting up a new cafeteria or in the middle of operations, this article will guide you through essential factors about choosing equipment for your eatery.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular cafeteria and buffet line equipment:

  • Serving utensils

Serving utensils

hotel supplies dubai Serving spoons and forks are the most common utensils used in cafeteria and buffet lines. The shape of the spoon is designed to scoop up food and allow it to slide off easily when served. Forks have two prongs to pick up food items such as meat or salad items without touching them with your hands.

  • Dispensers


Dispensers are used to dispense bulk items like sauces or other condiments onto plates or into serving containers behind the counter. They typically have multiple nozzles that allow users to control how much sauce comes out of each hole on top of the unit. This makes it easier to adjust how much sauce they want on their plate without having to refill it throughout their meal (which would slow down service.

  • Steam table

Steam table

A steam table is a piece of equipment that keeps hot foods warm while they’re waiting to be served. Different types of steam tables are available depending on how many people they need to serve at once, but they usually consist of two main parts: an open-top shelf.

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  • Shelving Units

Shelving Units

These units come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: storing your food safely until it’s served at the table. Still, they will always have heat lamps or refrigeration units built into them so that you don’t have to worry about keeping things cold or warm on their own.

  • Display Cases

Display Cases

Display cases are used for attractively displaying different types of foods before they are served at your buffet line. They can also be used to store certain foods so that they can be kept fresh until guests need them. Display cases are usually made out of glass or plastic so that guests can see what they want without opening anything up first! Try using display cases if you’re serving fruits or vegetables at your buffet line!

  • Steamers


Steamers are used for steaming vegetables and other types of food like seafood to keep them moist while cooking them without losing any flavor or nutrients due to overcooking. These come in different sizes depending on how many pieces you want to be steamed at one time.

  • Buffet Food Warmers

Buffet Food Warmers

Buffet food warmers are used to heat up or keep your food warm. These units are typically used for hot foods such as soups, stews, gravies, and other sauces. They can also be used for cold foods but will not keep them as fresh-looking as if they were refrigerated.

Some ideas should be considered when selecting buffet equipment.

  • Your space

Before purchasing anything from the restaurant suppliers in UAE, consider how much space you have available for each piece of equipment in your kitchen. Some pieces are small enough to fit into a corner, while others need plenty of room so they aren’t in the way when people are trying to get through the line quickly.

  • Safety

A second important consideration is a safety. You want to make sure that your employees are safe while working with this equipment and your customers and guests. As such, it is important to choose equipment that has been tested by an independent third party.

  • Maintainability

The most important consideration is how easy the system is to maintain. This includes cleaning and sanitation and repair and replacement parts availability. The best systems will have easily accessible components with quick changeover times to keep your food flowing without interruption.

  • Food presentation

Consider the presentation of your food when you’re choosing a buffet line system. For example, you may want to display foods to make them look as appealing as possible or even have them arranged by color or type.

  • Equipment costs

The cost of equipment is often one of the most important factors; when choosing a system for any business, but it’s essential for those opening new restaurants or expanding their businesses. You may want to consider leasing equipment; if you aren’t sure that your business will succeed and want to avoid significant upfront costs.

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  • Number of employees

The most important thing to consider while buying from buffet line equipment suppliers in Dubai is the number of employees. If only two or three employees are working at any given time; then there may not be much need for a lot of equipment because they won’t be able to use. However, if 15 or 20 employees are working at a time; then you’ll want to make sure that you have enough equipment. So that everyone can get their food without waiting too long for it.

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