Essential Restaurant Equipment: Must-Haves for every Kitchen

Whether you’re just stepping into the restaurant world or you’ve been a part of this industry for years, having an effective restaurant equipment checklist is essential for your business’s prosperity. In a market flooded with numerous brands, models, and suppliers, it can be daunting to distinguish between necessary investments and unnecessary expenses. To simplify your […]

bathroom accessories

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories

When a guest comes to a hotel room, they first reflect on the design and cleaning, and many customers’ priority is a clean bathroom. Your bathroom can also increase your hotel rating. When you provide all necessary things in the bathroom like towels, shops, etc. The bathroom accessories can also boost the charm of the […]


How to Choose the Best Crockery for Hotel- Top tips for you

A restaurant can attract people by its lighting, themes, food, music, and unique crockery can also be added in this list. Set the table with the unique crockery according to the food, the beautiful tableware can also make customers happy and present the personal style of a chef. In this whole presentation process, tableware plays […]


Serving-Dishes- Uses & Types Of Serving Dishes

Serving trays and dishes play an important role in every dining table or party occasion and we all know that there are many types of serving-dishes, and all have their specific role in the dining table. There are several varieties of shapes, and sizes, from large to small serving dishes to kitchen trays and dinnerware. […]

plate warmer

Top reasons to prefer a plate warmer

Numerous eateries adopt the practice of their pre plate warmer before presenting them to diners. While this might appear unusual, the rationale behind it extends beyond mere sensory pleasure, encompassing practical advantages as well. The plate warmer in restaurants serves a strategic purpose – it aids in preserving the optimal temperature of the food as […]

Sustainable Hotel Furniture

5 Essential Tips for Sustainable Hotel Furniture

Nowadays, the world is trying to make all things connected to nature and Greenland sustainable also. So many hotels reflect the greenery while booking a hotel. Today Sustainable Hotel Furniture is one of the important ways to make your guests happy. Sustainable makes anything premier and costly. Sustainable Hotel Furniture is manufactured by using eco-friendly […]

commercial kitchen appliances

How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Kitchen Appliances?

The age of commercial kitchen appliances depends on you how carefully you use them and timely cleaning per week or day. If you want your equipment to work smoothly and faster produce food then you must take care of your commercial kitchen appliances. In a commercial kitchen, equipment is a valuable and necessary product, handling […]

types of housekeeping

Different Types of Housekeeping in the Hotel Industry

When guests step into a hotel, they expect nothing less than a comfortable and spotless “home away from home.” To meet these expectations, several types of housekeeping services are essential in sustaining your hotel business and leaving a lasting impression on guests. From the moment guests enter the lobby to the pristine bedrooms they retire […]

serveware Dubai

Why Serveware Is Essential for Your Restaurant

If you go to a restaurant, what are the essential elements that you look for? It is obviously not just the food. The ambiance, the decor, the food, the presentation, etc. play a crucial role. Though food amongst them is the major deciding factor regarding the restaurant’s competency. No matter how tasty the food is, […]

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